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Aker fassi
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Aker fassi

$ 35,00

Discover Aker Fassi, the symbol of Berber beauty. Derived from dried poppy petals, this lipstick offers a natural and sensual color. Enriched with Argan oil, it hydrates and enhances your lips for timeless elegance. Immerse yourself in Moroccan tradition and let yourself be seduced by the radiance of Aker Fassi.

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Aker Fassi, a true treasure of Moroccan cosmetics, embodies the rich and ancient heritage of Berber culture. Stemming from ancestral traditions, this unique lipstick is carefully crafted from dried poppy petals, bringing an authentic and natural touch to the beauty of Moroccan women and those around the world.

Its delicate application, whether with a skilled finger or a precise brush, instantly reveals lips of unparalleled sensuality. Yet, Aker Fassi goes far beyond aesthetics: enriched with Argan oil, it also provides moisturizing and nourishing effects, preserving the softness and health of the lips throughout the day.

This emblematic product embodies Morocco’s commitment to natural and organic ingredients. At the heart of this country renowned for its rejuvenating hammams and soothing beauty rituals, Aker Fassi stands out as a symbol of authenticity and tradition. It perpetuates centuries-old craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation, to offer an unparalleled cosmetic experience.

Beyond its primary function, Berber lipstick transcends geographical boundaries to become an ambassador of Moroccan culture worldwide. It embodies timeless beauty and subtle elegance that have characterized Berber women for centuries, offering a living connection to a rich and fascinating cultural heritage.

In essence, Aker Fassi is not merely a cosmetic product; it is a precious legacy, an ode to natural beauty and tradition, which continues to inspire and enchant those fortunate enough to discover it.


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